Foundations of Mathematics

W. S. (Bill) Mahavier, Spring 2008, Emory University

Viewing Suggestions

We have built this page to yield maximum flexibility for a wide range of visitors. Here are suggestions as to how you might view the page based on your personality profile.

1. (Minimalist) See Day 12 for a single representative day.

2. (Practical) Watch an early, middle and late day in the semester. I would suggest watching the representative days, Day 6, Day 21 and Day 38.

3. (Efficient) Review those videos related to one individual student as s/he progresses through the course. To do this, simply choose a student and search for her/his last name, playing the videos as you find them. Any of DeMitchell, Herring, Norman, Phelan, Rasmussen, Valero, Winterhalter or Zahn would be good choices. Names and brief descriptions of the students can be found in the Video Diary page.

4. (Obsessive Compulsive) Review the full Video Diary from start to finish.

5. (Seeker) Those interested in the Moore Method often have common questions. Those questions that these clips seem tailor-made to answer may be found under FAQs.

6. (Rebel) Skim the Video Diary page and view the clips that you believe will be of most value to you.