Legacy of R.L. Moore Meeting, 2005
Jon King Keisling, Photographer
29 April 2005

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RLM05--5780 RLM05--5784 RLM05--5786 RLM05--5792
Cornelius Stallman; Gary Richter William Ted Mahavier; Ed Parker Peter Jipsen; Gayle Ball Alaine Faye Coppin; E.K. Mellon; Charles Coppin
RLM05--5804 RLM05--5811 RLM05--5815 RLM05--5821
Ted O'dell; Ron Douglas; Bill Jacob Beauregard Stubblefield; Dante Tawfeeq Coke Reed; Charles Boykin Jean and William S. Mahavier
RLM05--5825 RLM05--5844 RLM05--5854 RLM05--5855
reception group Jonathan Hatch; David Bellamy Dick Canary; John Neuberger Nathaniel Miller; David Ben-Zvi

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