Legacy Conference 2011

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Thursday, 2 June

David Bressoud, Macalester College
Paul Zorn, St. Olaf College

EAF and MAA in Partnership

Jacqueline Jensen
     Slippery Rock University 
Ron Taylor
     Berry College
Michael Pearson
     Mathematical Association of America
Welcome & Overview

William “Ted” Mahavier, Lamar University
The Moore Method: Transformative Experiences

Stan Yoshinobu, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Saving Ally

Nathaniel Miller, University of Northern Colorado
Multiply-Modified Moore/Miller Methods: The Many Faces of Inquiry-Based Learning in My Classes

Moderator: David Clark, SUNY—New Paltz
New Users Panel
Elena Marchisotto
Inquiry-Learning Strategies for a Hybrid Introduction
Milos Savic, New Mexico State University
An Examination of the Logic in Student-Constructed Proofs
Brian Loft
A new Euclidean model discovered while teaching an IBL course
Padraig McLoughlin
Come Up With An Idea and “MILK” It

Jorgen Berglund
Graphing calculators and data collection devices
Taoufik Nadji
Moore Method and Arts Students
Austin Gleeson
Discovery Methods in Physics at Texas
Patrick Rault, State University of New York, Geneseo
What I wish I knew 2 years ago

John Carter and Clark Dollard, Metropolitan State College
Using Online Tools to Enhance Communication in IBL Classes
Carl Seaquist & Nicole Tunmire
Inquiry-Based Learning and Distance Learning
Scott Beaver
A Modified Moore Method for Small Advanced Calculus Classes
Ali Shaqlaih
Inquiry Based Learning Integrated with Technology

Michael Starbird, University of Texas at Austin
Transforming Lives: Teaching Thinking and Creativity

Friday, 18 June 2010

Carol Schumacher, Kenyon College

Judy Holdener, Kenyon College
To understand is to invent: empowering students with technology

Melvyn Jeter, Illinois Wesleyan University
Jim Rath, Texas Tech University
David Garrigus, Filmmaker
John Darrouzet, Filmmaker
Ryan Dunning, St. Mary’s University
Murali Ranganathan, Barton College
Helmut Knaust, UT – El Paso
Phyllis Chinn, Humboldt State University
Five-Minute Talks, Session I and Session II

Eric Hsu, San Francisco State University
Making Practice Visible: The Emerging Scholars Program and IBL

Jacqueline Jensen, Slippery Rock University
Ron Taylor, Berry College
Assessment in an IBL Classroom

Angie Hodge, NDSU
Judith Covington, Louisiana State University - Shreveport
Math Teachers’ Circles: Why, What, When and Where?

Gregory Macklem, History of Science Society
            Using Technology and IBL
Ed Parker
            Grading an IBL Course
Tom Banchoff
            Course Management-Software
Diana White
            Math Teachers’ Circles

Brad Bailey
  The Effects of Modified Moore Method
Matthew Jones
   Tailoring Assessment to Fit in IBL Courses
Tom Banchoff
  [continued from previous session]
Paul Zeitz
IBL that works, and IBL that fails in a Math Circle
Teena Carroll
  Trying Something Very New

David Clark, SUNY—New Paltz
            IBL at SUNY New Paltz
Erica Johnson
            The Joy of Numbers, Inquiry, and Wikis
Harold Reiter
            KenKen a Mathematical Object
Elizabeth Thoren
Brian Katz
  Wiki Technology Supports Inquiry

Kyeong Hah Roh
Designing and facilitating ways to advance IBL
Ed Parker, Matt Jones, David Clark & Ron Taylor
Panel Discussion
Matt Leingang
Social Media in Inquiry-Based Learning
Tatiana Shubin
Hold an infinity of questions in a piece of grid paper

Chris Sangwin, Chris Good, and Matthew Badger, University of Birmingham
The Moore Method in the UK: IBL at Birmingham

Carl Mummert, Marshall University
Phil Hotchkiss and Julian Fleron, Westfield State University
Jed Herman, University of Wisconsin Stevens    Point
Steven Morics, University of Redlands
Yousef George, Nazareth College
Taoufik Nadji, Northwestern Michigan College
Five-Minute Talks, Session III

Stan Yoshinubo and Mark Stankus
     AIBL and Visiting Speakers’ Bureau
David Clark
     JIBLM and the Geometry Project

What Resources Are Available to Me?

Saturday, 19 June

Sandra Laursen, University of Colorado
What has Ally Learned? Outcomes for Students and Teaching of IBL Mathematics Courses

Chuck Straley, Wheaton College
Aubrie Pace, Wheaton College
Ivars Peterson,   MAA
Jay Malone, History of Science Society
Laurie Zack, High Point University
Dagmar Raab, University of Bayreuth
Judy Kennedy, Lamar University
Ted Mahavier, Lamar University
David Cusick, Marshall University
Teena Carroll, St. Norbert College
Mary Shepherd, Northwest Missouri State     University
Tim Whittemore, University of Michigan
Nell Kroeger, Retired (RL Moore PhD)

Five-Minute Talks, Session IV

Ron Douglas, Texas A&M University
IBL Centers Update

Jacqueline Jensen
Ron Taylor
Concluding Remarks

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