Sample Video Clips
10th Annual Legacy of R.L. Moore Conference,
Austin, 12-14 April 2007

Clicking on the links in the numbered sequence #1 to #18, or on the thumbnail images, will download Windows Media Video (.wmv) files which should be playable in either Quicktime or Windows Media Player. Each runs about one minute. The files range in size from 5 to 10 MB.

Selections of the full videos are available from the Legacy Project.

# 1

WILLIAM "BILL" MAHAVIER, Emory University: "How to Teach a Moore Method Introduction-to-Proof Course in Analysis with No Epsilons or Deltas."

# 2

TINA STRALEY, Executive Director, Mathematical Association of America: "The Year of Euler."

LAWRENCE FEARNLEY, Brigham Young University: "An R.L. Moore Treatment of Analysis."

NELL KROEGER, Independent Consultant / JUDY KENNEDY, University
of Delaware: "Empowering Women and Minorities through IBL."

AUDIENCE SPEAKERS: various comments.


# 3

M. DEE MEDLEY: "Modified Moore Method for Introductory Computer

LAURIE CAVEY: "The MathNerds Mentoring Network Assessment Team."

SUSIE W. HAKANSSON: "Implications of Inquiry-Based Learning

DANTE A. TAWFEEQ: "Hempstead's Mathematical Inquiry."


# 4

W. TED MAHAVIER / LAURIE CAVEY / WENDY R. WOODLAND: "Mathematics Mentoring Networks."

JEAN NARUM, Project Kaleidoscope (PKAL): "Questions, Observations and Predictions: Considering the Past, Present and Future of Inquiry-Learning in STEM Fields."


# 5

MICHEL SMITH: "The Moore Method and High School Teachers."

EDGAR PARKER: "Moore Method in an Interdisciplinary Freshman Seminar."

ALFREDO JIMENEZ: "What If? Mathematics as a Language and a Model of Reasoning, and Analytic Geometry."


# 6

MICHAEL STARBIRD: "IBL Project Report, University of Texas at Austin."

GREGORY D. FOLEY: "Advanced Quantitative Reasoning."

CORNELIUS STALLMAN: "Five Years of Moore Method Calculus at Augusta State University."


# 7

CASEY DALTON: "Assessments That Improve Proof Writing."

JOHN R. JUNGEK: "A Highly Interactive Biologically-Oriented Finite Mathematics."

HARVARD UNIVERSITY IBL PROJECT REPORT: BRET BENESH / MATTHEW LEINGANG / THOMAS JUDSON: 1) "IBL, Courses for Teachers"; 2) "Using Japanese Lesson Study to Advance IBL in the Middle and High School Classroom."


# 8

GLENN HURLBERT: "Discovering Linear Optimization."

WILLIAM DONNELL: "Discovering Divisibility Tests."

BILL JACOB: "IBL Project Report, University of California - Santa Barbara."


# 9

ELWOOD PARKER/ RUDY GORDH, Guilford College: "The Guilford Environment."

STAN YOSHINOBU, California State University - Dominguez Hills: "The Summer 2006 Inquiry-Based Learning Workshop."


# 10

FIVE-MINUTE REPORTS: Clement Falbo; David Greenshields; Brie


# 11

FIVE-MINUTE REPORTS: David Greenshields; Japheth Wood; Carol Schumacher; Elwood Parker; John Seldon; Michelle Benedict; Cornelius Stallman; Greg Foley; Julian Fleron; Joe Mailhot; Tim Chartier; David Bellamy; Edgar Parker; Katherine Socha; Lauren Seigel.


# 12

FIVE-MINUTE REPORTS: Lee Mahavier; Annalisa Spathe; Chuck Staley/David Clark; Margie Hale; Ron Taylor; Elwood Parker / Rudy Gordh; Walker White.


# 13

DAVID M. CLARK, State University of New York - New Palz / TED MAHAVIER, Lamar University: "The Online Journal of Inquiry-Based Learning in Mathematics."

PETER BRUNS, Howard Hughes Medical Institute: "Bio 2010: IBL, Early and Often."


# 14

JOHN W. NEUBERGER, University of North Texas: "Implementing the Moore Method at the Graduate Level."

JAY MALONE, Exec. Director, History of Science Society: "Practical Suggestions on Administration in the Academic World."


# 15

JAMES A. DAVIS, University of Richmond: "LUREing Students into Mathematics at the University of Richmond."

PANEL DISCUSSION: MAX WARSHAUER / TERRY MCCABE, Texas State University with Past and Present Mathworks Students: Cody Patterson, David price, Stephanie Chan and Karen Vasquez: Mathworks.


# 16

CAROL SCHUMACHER, Kenyon College: "Building Bridges."


# 17

THE FIVE IBL PROJECTS: RONALD DOUGLAS, Texas A&M University: Harvard University; University of California at Santa Barbara; University of Chicago; University of Michigan; University of Texas at Austin.


# 18

EDWARD "ED" BURGER, Williams College: "How NOT to Teach an Introduction-to-Proof / Discrete Math Course - A Practical Introduction to IBL."


Videos were produced by Banning K. Lary of Promedion Productions, Lago Vista, TX.

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