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The theme of this conference was "Modified Moore Methods As Used Today." It was co-chaired by John Neuberger and Ben Fitzpatrick. There were sixty-four participants.

The conference opened with remarks by R.D. Anderson on the applicability of Moore methods in teaching problem solving abilities and on the need for such teaching in K-12. Tina Straley, Executive Director of the MAA, gave opening remarks on connections the Legacy Project might develop with the MAA; later, she discussed, on behalf on Christine Stevens, who was unable to be present, the Project NExT Program. This is being supported by the Educational Advancement Foundation.

Howard Cook discussed R.L. Moore's use of open-ended questions as a device to stimulate students to develop new concepts.

Other papers presented involved Moore methods in public high schools (Lee Mahavier), in private high schools (H.W.Straley and David McRae), in distance education classrooms and virtual universities (Dale Daniel, Craig Pember, Ted Mahavier, and Reg Traylor), in undergraduate mathematics courses (David Henderson, Melvyn Jeter, M.S. Jagadish, Carol Schumacher, Bill Mahavier, Charles Allen, and Ed Parker). Jerry Bona and John Selden discussed the effectiveness of Moore methods and inquiry-based learning.

A complete list of titles and speakers and abstracts are available.

During lunch on Wednesday, Don Albers, Associate Executive Director of the MAA, led discussion on the biography and film projects. Immediately following lunch there was a break-out session on film. Participants included Harry Lucas, Lida Barrett, Gayle Ball, and Dick Anderson.

At the banquet Wednesday evening, Patricia Pound, Executive Director of the (Texas) Governor's Committee on Persons With Disabilities, described her experiences as a blind student in Dr. Moore's classes and in classes at the University of Houston. Judy Kennedy described her participation in a summer program for talented undergraduate women in mathematics, John Neuberger discussed the forthcoming Special Session on Moore methods to be held at the January 2001 AMS meeting in New Orleans. There was also open discussion on promoting Moore methods.

At lunch on Thursday Ralph Elder talked on the Center for American History and, in particular, on the Archives of American Mathematics and the R.L. Moore papers.

By special arrangement with the Texas Section of the MAA, many conferees attended a short course Thursday evening at the Texas Section meeting, given by Mike Starbird.

On Friday, while presenters were giving their papers, interviews were being filmed in another room. Interviewees were Lee Mahavier, Carol Schumacher, Dale Daniel, Ted Mahavier, and Jimmy Ochoa.

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