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The Moore house

2303 Rio Grande Street
Austin, TX 78705

The house that R.L. Moore lived in from 1920 to 1974 in the West Campus neighborhood of the University of Texas at Austin, is now a City of Austin Landmark with a Texas Historical Marker. The building was originally located a block away on West 23rd Street and moved in 2000 to its present site, pictured here, in order to rescue it from demolition.

It contains some home and office furnishings preserved from Dr. Moore's day. Visitors are welcome on prior arrangement with the foundation:

Educational Advancement Foundation
327 Congress Ave., Suite 500
Austin, TX 78701-3656


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People and Contacts

Biographical Tributes

Robert Sorgenfrey (1915-1996)

Ben Fitzpatrick (1932-1999)

Mary Elizabeth Hamstrom (1927-2009)

Bill Mahavier (1930-2010)

Mary Ellen Rudin (1924-2013)

John M. Slye (1923-2014)

Celebratio Mathematica Entries

RH Bing

R. L. Moore

Friends of the Legacy Project

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There is a discussion group mailing list which any interested person can join. Currently there are 190 subscribers.

Queries and news items relating to such topics as Inquiry-Based Learning, Moore Method, and Guided Discovery are welcome.

While it is being re-established at a new site (as of August 2013), new requests to join may be sent to Stan Yoshinobu at Cal Poly..

Academy of Inquiry-Based Learning (AIBL)

The Academy is an association of professors, instructors, teachers and non-teaching supporters (such as retired professors having substantial IBL experience, administrators, foundation personnel) who are committed to developing and disseminating guided inquiry based learning techniques.