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Literature, Videos, and CDs

All material is textual unless indicated as video. Many of the items are available on this site, as indicated by the implicit links. "On CD" means that the item is included in the single CD of "Legacy of R.L. Moore Handouts" available on request from the Legacy Project. These items can also be sent as printed copy. "JSTOR" provides a link to the full journal article for JSTOR subscribers.

Also available: on-line video of the annual Legacy conferences and Newsletters in PDF form.

The best single introduction to R.L. Moore and his method is the book by John Parker:
R. L. Moore: Mathematician and Teacher (Mathematical Association of America, 2005),


For a guide to the Moore Method:
Charles A. Coppin, W. Ted Mahavier, E. Lee May, and G. Edgar Parker,
The Moore Method: A Pathway to Learner-Centered Instruction,

(Mathematical Association of America, 2009).

Both are available through Barnes&Noble, amazon.com or the MAA bookstore.


Moore Method

Course Resources
        (See also the Journal of Inquiry-Based Learning in Mathematics which publishes university-level course notes that are freely downloadable, professionally refereed, and classroom-tested.)

Personal Experiences as Students and Teachers


Mathematics - Sample Work of Some Who have Experienced the Moore Method

Biography of Moore and His Students

Mentions of Moore and the Moore Method

Related Issues in Education

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